Ariane Group SA is an independent Asset Manager and Investment Advisor



Ariane Group SA gives you access to a diversified range of funds in open architecture.

Our selection teams identify the best global expertise on specifics asset (commodities, volatility, alternatives…) giving you access to management teams performing on specific asset categories. Our goal is to provide our investors with access to funds so as to build balanced and diversified portfolios that meet their needs. We are constantly adapting to reflect the changes in financial markets as well as asserted trends in the industry.

Our expertise includes the creation of tailor-made investment funds (white label) suiting your requirements with or without  guarantee of capital or leverage.


  • Due diligence questionnaire for the selection committee and investors
  • Tracking of referenced funds, updating the due diligence file, Dedicated access to our website
  • Specific Fund research on behalf of a client


  • Our selection process for funds is mainly characterized by its objectivity
  • Ariane Group SA does not manage any investment funds on its own: we are entirely free to choose without conflict of interest with our partners
  • This independence is a guarantee of freedom and transparency in our investment choices


Targeted funds family

Quality Filter:

  • Assessment
  • Integrity of the organization
  • Entity dedicated to the fund management
  • Transparent values selection

Research Universe


  • By asset category
  • By region/ global
  • Investment grade / Credit / Currencies exposition
  • By management style
  • By Size
  • By sector

Quantitative research

Relative performance models:

  • Relative risk
  • Adjusted risk performance
  • Duration
  • Bull / Bear Beta
  • Influence of factors
  • Constant styles

Qualitative research

Meeting with the Directors:

  • The team
  • The philosophy
  • The process
  • The portfolio
  • The performance
  • The product