Ariane Group SA is an independent Asset Manager and Investment Advisor

Wealth Management

Ariane Wealth Management

This can be classic mandate investing according to specific investment grids or special mandates with a tailored or themed approach

The managed mandates allow you to access the different investment opportunities offered by the market. The management objectives are defined in accordance with the client and are subject to a regular monitoring.

The diversity of financial instruments accessible makes possible a wide variety of strategies, ranging from more regular to the more dynamic.

The portfolio construction is completely flexible and designed to meet the expectations of the clients in terms of: maturity, liquidity, efficiency, sectorial exposure.

It is worth noticing that our clients can choose the custodian bank of their choice.

ARIANE GROUP SA offers management mandates under different models depending on the investor profile:

  • Discretionary Management Mandate
  • Management Mandate in the context of a life insurance contract through our partners.

The management mandates provide you with many benefits:

We define carefully your asset allocation according to your investment policy, your objectives in term of performance and volatility.

We also handle placement decisions and management activities, which are often time consuming for you.

We manage your investments with professionalism and closely monitor them continuously.

We examine periodically with you your investment strategy and the need to adapt them to changing market conditions.

You regularly receive a transparent valuation of the current status of your portfolio.

We mobilize effectively our know-how for you as well as our management, analyst and valuation teams.