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Alpha generation through a dynamic asset allocation

Asset allocation

Your asset allocation is constantly evolving.

The global financial markets have changed dramatically, and the macroeconomic backdrop that fueled the success of the savings by capitalizing approach no longer exists.

Alpha generation still exists in private markets and alternative strategies. An adequate allocation bearing in mind liquidity expectations and returns can result in higher performance with less volatility.


    Asset allocation


    According to each client’s risk tolerance, goals and investment time frame, we design an investment strategy that attempts to balance risk versus reward by determining a target proportion of each asset class in the portfolio.



    We carry out a thorough due diligence process on every investment we offer. Once the asset allocation is set, we proceed to the selection of each investment solution within the different asset classes.

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    In house strategies

    Innovative in-house investment solutions.

    Investment Framework:

    • Process is King

    • Alternative perspective

    • Risk/Reward analysis

    • Continuous risk management

    • Long term perspectives

    • Grasp the opportunities

    Competitive Edge

    Think deep, react fast

    Opportunities arise as fast as they disappear: Our range of strategies are tailored to respond quickly and carefully.

    Absolute performance

    Private markets investments and alternative strategies are a solution to diversify your investments, avoiding market correlation in order to deliver positive returns in all market conditions.

    Controlled risk

    Worst case scenarios are anticipated prior any investment or strategy implementation. We constantly monitor and manage the risks as the macro and micro-environment evolves.

    Private Debt

    Diversification among your fixed income strategy

    Unconventional monetary policies affected all asset classes, resulting in a complex environment to implement a fixed income strategy.

    Private debt acts as a shelter for this issue. Our network and expertise allows us to source off market deals, with attractive returns and minimized risk. Moreover, our deals are straight and easy to understand

    Attractive decorrelated returns

    Returns are way above the conventionnal bond market and suffer from very low volatility due to it's underlyers nature. Moreover it is relatively unaffected by public market catalysts.

    Real estate collateral

    All our operations are collateralized by real estate assets in prime locations with a mortgage registraton and a low Loan-To-Value to prevent from abrupt market movements.

    Proven process & Track Record

    The default rate is 0% for more than 450 million euros of bond issues. Strong covenants and guarantees alongside with the mortgage act as a deterrent for defaults.

    Direct investments & Club deals

    The world is changing, and we long to identify new trends in the ways we live, we eat, we work, and we move.

    Our office in Tel Aviv and our talented board of experts will source a diversified range of opportunities to invest in companies that are shaping our future.

    IPOs & pre-IPOs

    You will have the opportunity to invest directly in companies through their last investment rounds or at the IPO, securing strong potential gains. We focus mainly on disruptive sectors that are being coveted.


    The world is changing. We long to identify new trends in the ways we live, we eat, we work, and we move. Our office in Tel Aviv and our talented broad of experts will source a diverse range of opportunities to invest in companies that are shaping our future. All deals are made through our dedicated investment vehicle, that is controlled and monitored from A to Z by Ariane Capital.

    Private Equity & Venture Capital

    As we believe that private markets offer differentiated returns to investors, we have acquired the expertise to source, structure, and fund private equity deals with companies that present a highly skilled management team and, in a sector that has room for growth. Our strategy is to have a minority of shares and leave the control and the management to skilled professionals that have been carefully chosen. However, we bring financial expertise and our network in order to create value.

    We offer access to a diversified range of well-known private equity funds.

    Cryptocurrency arbitrage fund

    Benefit our internal expertise in the cryptocurrency market.

    In constant search for innovation and performance, we spent over two years looking for the best way to set foot in the cryptocurrency universe. Hence, we have launched a unique institutional-grade fund specialized in cryptocurrencies arbitrage.

    In a still inefficient market, arbitrage is the finest way to benefit from the volatility of this market without suffering substantial swings in your invested capital. We adapt conventionnal maket strategies to the crypto universe with much higher returns.

    Professional Team

    Surrounded by professionals with a deep financial market knowledge and cryptocurrency specialists, we combine expertise to operate at institutional levels.

    Arbitrage Opportunity

    Large, growing, volatile and still inefficient, the crypto derivatives market is perfect to run arbitrage and market- neutral trading strategies.

    Attractive Risk / Reward

    Market-neutral approach generating consistent high returns in USD by taking advantage of the massive opportunities in the crypto derivatives market.

    Traditional Investment

    Invest in the crypto universe in a traditional and bankable way, through a classic and rigorous Cayman-based hedge fund structure.

    The value is you

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