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Your situation

  • Global overview of your current situation
  • Identify and assess your issues


  • Converge to your optimal situation with our team of in-house experts or third parties in every sector

Financial Investments

  • Ensure long terms prosperity, gathering the tools to make wise investment decisions
  • Access our expertise in global financial markets, alternative investments, and private markets.

Career and post Career planning

  • Ensure long terms prosperity, gathering the tools to make wise investment decisions
  • Access our expertise in financial markets, private markets, and alternative investments



Client satisfaction is not an objective, it’s our starting point


Access best in class custodians, not only in Switzerland but also in Monaco and Luxembourg.

Long-term view

We offer you the support you need to plan and make the right decision, during, and after your career.


Benefit from our in-house expertise and specialists in every asset class. Listed markets and off-market opportunities will make you the perfect balance between performance and liquidity.

You first

Access a dedicated team, who can handle and consolidate all key areas of your family assets, including real estate holdings, direct or indirect investment, accounts, and tax consolidation.

Tailor made solutions for sportsmen and athletes

Success requires making a hundred small steps go right one after the other, slipups, no goofs, everyone pitching in.

Ariane capital will bring financial support at each stage of your career, considering the following headings.

  • 01

    Managing day to day expenditure in support of lifestyle needs of the individual and family

  • 02

    Where desired, to provide support for other family members on an agreed and controlled basis

  • 03

    Making long-term investments, to build a capital base which will provide for their financial needs when earnings have diminished

  • 04

    Managing, reviewing and administering the investment portfolio

  • 05

    Managing the risks, particularly the risk of injury which may cause unexpected loss of income or, ‘in extremis’, a premature end to the career

  • 06

    Setting up appropriate holding structures for the assets to promote tax efficiency

As the support from the club and sponsors fades, athletes will need to look towards building a new team, one that can help them protect their finances.

The value is you

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